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Short Stay Park and Walk

Drive to the barrier, your vehicle registration number and booking will be recognised, find a car parking space, unload your bags and walk into the terminal check-in zones.

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Excellent location


  • 5/5Location
  • 5/5Practicality
  • 3/5Service
  • 5/5Car park security
  • 5/5Link to terminal
  • 5/5Value

"When I arrived, the carpark cameras did not recognise my car, and when I spoke the employee over the intercom at the carpark entrance he was also unable to locate my booking. Nonetheless, he told me to revere and to take a ticket and then to give my booking reference over the intercom the following day when I wanted to leave. The problem was that the machine was unable to issue a ticket. In the end, the employee open the barrier for me and told me that I could enter without a ticket and that I should explain the situation to the employee on the following day when leaving the carpark. This was not the service that I was expecting - I lost time both on entrance and on exit thanks to my less than straightforward situation."

Adam - Short Stay Park and Walk